Timeline & History of TJC

Tyler Junior College founded

Newspaper article endorses Junior College for Tyler, asks for $5,000 in donations.

Tyler Junior College opens at Tyler High School

TJC opens in Tyler High School with 93 students and 9 faculty members.

"Fair city of the hour, To put thy faith in Youth."

Roy G. Hatley

Drama club, "Las Mascaras" founded

First graduating class announced

The original graduating class of 1927. Charles Brogan, Mattie Brown Hargrove, Mamye Kennedy, Elizabeth Laughlin, Lena Palmore, Ina Roberts, Lee Smith, Lena Solomon, Joe Ella Butler (not pictured).

President G.O. Clough's letter to the graduating class

J.M. Hodges named president

Harry Jenkins named president

Harold Beaird helps to organize the Apache Band

Harold Beaird speaks about starting the TJC band

In 1947, 16-year-old Harold Beaird was asked to help start up a brand new marching band at Tyler Junior College. Mr. Beaird spoke with us about his experience and the legacy of the TJC band.

Apache Belles founded; Mildred Stringer named first director

A group of administrators, including President Harry Jenkins, unveil the new academic hall

Academic Hall Constructed

Apache basketball team wins national championship

Wise Auditorium constructed

Ramey Tower built

Tyler District College (for black TJC students) discontinued by vote of Board in June; Black students began attending main campus in fall of 1966.

Students make copies in 1966.

Jesse Marshall was the first African-American athlete recruited to play for TJC by coach Floyd Wagstaff

Lady Bird Johnson accepts roses from the Apache Belles

Long hair goes to court

Three male students denied admission because of hair length. Joe Richard Landsdale, et al v. Tyler Junior College comes to trial.

Apache Belles and Band perform at the halftime show during Texas Stadium's inaugural game

"In the absence of a showing that unusual conditions exist, the regulation of the length or style of a college student's hair is irrelevant to any legitimate college administrative interests and any such regulation creates an arbitrary classification of college students."

Joe Richard LANSDALE et al., v. Tyler Junior College - United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

President Gerald Ford visits TJC while campaigning

Band and Belles meet President Jimmy Carter

Harmony & Understanding

TJC's performance choral group, Harmony and Understanding, performed more than 35 times during the year, including their 5th appearance at the Cotton Bowl July 4th celebration, and at the Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers game during halftime.

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Wise Cultural Arts Center dedicated; Jean Browne Theatre opens

Dr. Raymond Hawkins named president of TJC, succeeding Dr. H.E. Jenkins

Apache Belles greet President Ronald Reagan

Homecoming Parade

A group of students beats the drum during homecoming

Harry Jenkins died. He served as president of TJC for 47 years before retiring in 1981.

Major construction takes place. Rogers Student Center, Windsor Plaza, Health and Physical Education Center, White Administrative Services Center constructed

Jenkins statue unveiled

Regional Training and Development Center opens

Texas Governor Ann Richards attends the opening of the TJC west campus RTDC building in the fall of 1989.

President George H.W. Bush visits TJC

Big Tex receives honorary degree from TJC at the Texas State Fair

Apache Belles perform in Washington D.C.

Bill Crowe becomes TJC President

Bronze statue of Dr. Harry Jenkins stolen.

Homecoming 1996



Rim Walk

Dr. Mike Metke inaugurated as president of TJC

President Bill Clinton visits TJC while campaigning for Hillary

Ornelas residence hall opened

Jenkins statue found in Austin

How Berny Trevino found the Dr. Harry Jenkins Statue

Before he was "George the statue," he was Dr. Harry Jenkins. Hear Bernardo "Berny" Trevino tell the story of how he found the Jenkins statue at an Austin apartment complex.

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Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery

Westward expansion

TJC opens Energy Center, Robert M. Rogers Nursing & Health Sciences Center, and Crossroads Hall.

TJC creates first 4-year baccalaureate program in dental hygiene.

Past Presidents Ray Hawkins and Bill Crowe visit TJC for convocation

TJC wins 53rd national championship

This is the 4th championship for the baseball team, and third in a row.

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